Warrior 7



  1. Midsize protection area.
  2. Most popular size – for recreational or professional use, single shots or full auto.
  3. Full strength, handles .22 up to all dangerous game rounds. Will handle all hunting rifles and most military, soft point, monolithic solids and expandable bullets, control expansion or solids.
  4. Indoors or outdoors, weather proof.
  5. Easy access top door to check medium for maintenance – even when system is against a wall or barrier.
  6. 3 point stand – self leveling for greater stability, can equip with pads or wheels for maneuverabilty.
  7. Swing open door design for easy face replacement.
  8. Comes with angle armor plate, interior deflection and armor plate protection. The new design of personal bullet traps.
  9. Strongest portable trap ever designed.

Impact zone is 39″x32″

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs


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