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Eight years ago the first version of my bullet trap was conceived in my garage. And the first test weapon was a .300 Weatherby. That rifle did what it does best, blow the hell out of whatever it hits! Final score, Weatherby 1, bullet trap 0! Through extensive testing, I could make the trap work and was awarded a patent. Hard work ensued, and after trying to run thru many closed doors and a couple of partners, I knew I had to have a working relationship with someone that shared my vision. I started American Range Systems with that person, my wife Beth. With much sacrifice and help, she and I stand together in American Range Systems. I had the opportunity to re-invent the entire bullet trap line, in most cases, making the unit 200% stronger than before. Our models now stand alone in strength as they should, stopping what I say they will stop – PERIOD! We now have a company with like minds, and a love for what we do. We make the strongest, cleanest, most affordable bullet traps, and you can own this technology. Welcome to the American Range Systems Family.   – Gary Mol

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